Gonen Sagy

Dr. Gonen Sagy

Dr. Gonen Sagy

Gonen Sagy (PhD), co-founder and director of the Youth Environmental Education Peace Initiative.

Understanding the close connection between the degree of peace between people to people and between people and their surroundings, he set a for himself to promote and establish peace and positive encounter between students in Israel and around it.

Gonen spent a life-changing academic year studying at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in 2004 – sharing dorms and learning with Israeli Arabs and Jews, Palestinians, Jordanians, and other international students. After receiving a BA in education, he continued to MA, joining an Arava Institute research team that performed a national survey of the environmental literacy levels among Israel’s pupils. His PhD identified the educational elements that lead to environmental and sustainable livelihood among Arabs and Jews in Israel’s schools.

Gonen is a father to three; an environmental activist; and teacher in highschool and academia.


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