Class Summary Basmat Tiv’on 24th Feb 2014

Class summery – 24/2- Basmat Tiv’on- consumerism

Today there were only 5 girls in the class (the rest were in English class and arrived 5 min before the end of the class) but we decided to make the class anyway. We started by showing the presentation of the weekly food- we looked at the pictures, the amount of money each family spend on food and the amount of children in each family. We talked about each family’s consumerism style and compared it to their one. We talked about the way the families in our class are consuming, about where they buy food and how much they spend. Next we played a game- we said sentences relating to consumerism and food and whoever agrees needed to go to one side of the classroom and whoever disagreed went to the other side and it was a scale. We talked about the questions and about their choices regarding the consumptions. Other than the fact that there were only 5 students the class was good and we recommend it.

We talked to yosra and next week we are going to start a small garden- they are getting used tires so they will paint them and we will all plant in them next week insha’alla.


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