Class Summary Ramat Hadasa

Summary of the meeting in Ramat Hadasa- 26.1.14

Yesterday we had a meeting with Tal, the principle of the school in Ramat Hadasa and Michal, the principal of the whole village. The meeting was very good, we explained about YEEPI and they were very impressed and showed intention to work with us as a jewish partner to Basmat Tiv’on as soon as possible. Tal said he still needs to ask the other crew’s opinion.

After the meeting we went to Basmat Tivo’n. They told us they forgot to inform us that there will not be a lesson today because the students went to the air force (!). We took advantage of the time to talk to Yosra (the teacher in-charge) about the possibility of working with Ramat Hadasa. Yosra expressed concerns about working with “youth at risk”. She also said that Ibrahim the principle will find it difficult to say yes.

Today Gonen talked to Ibrahim who said he is not willing to work with Ramat Hadasa and that he will withdrawal himself from the program if they are the partner. On the other hand Gonen also talked to Tl who said all the staff at Ramat Hadasa showed interest in working with us. Gonen told Tal about the sad news of Ibrahim not wanting to be their partner.

We decided to continue our classes at Basmat Tiv’on while starting the classes at Ramat Hadasa. We will try to get the two principals to meet, even if they are not working together (still). The process is difficult, but not surprising. We will continue to work towards positive encounters between all sorts of Arabs and all sorts of Jews and to make this country a better place! We will not give up!

Noa and Mustafa


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