Class summary 22nd January Ma’ale Sha’arut

Lesson – 22/1/2014

I got to the school at 11:30 and met Sajiaa, he organized the pupils and we went into the class, started at 11:45 more or less.
We decided to split the group into 2 groups, the first half are kids I didn’t see since the encounter in Ma’ale Sha’arut. We sat in a circle and opened the class with a short introducing game – each one should say his/her name and the first thing that come up to their mind about environment. I wrote all the words on the board. After that I asked them why do they think we are learning about environment and why it is important.  I divided them to groups and asked them to make a list of environmental problems they know. Then they all shared their lists with the class and we continued to discuss a bit. I wanted to show a video but I couldn’t since there was no internet in class (I forgot to ask if there is wifi at school).
The other half were kids I had a lesson with before. We did more or less the same activity, a little bit more speaking and trying to value their knowledge about environmental issues.

The bottom line from this day – the hours and groups were working the way we set before. I think the class itself wasn’t interesting enough for them, some kids left the class “to go to the toilet”… But I believe that next time it will be better, and I think using videos will make them more awake and interested.